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YOU are sounding more and more feminine!!

As you get more comfy working with the Reset Techniques in conversation, here’s a little drill to make it more automatic and get it into your muscle memory.
Please do this IN ADDITION to what you’re already practicing.

This is one that may feel a little silly, but you’re used to that by now, right? And don’t worry if it’s challenging at first, keep going, it gets easier.

Do these in quick succession, without pausing in between. It should take less than 1 minute to go through all 5 steps.

1. 3-Part speaking – hold the high note
2. Look forward and down
3. Ask a question (prepare a question ahead of time, so you don’t have to pause)
4. Sigh
5. Laugh high

Do this 5 times in a row, every day. Just make sure you don’t start getting lightheaded or anything. Of course if you do, stop.

Cheers to this “voice-saver” and cheers to silliness! 

My warmest wishes,



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