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I hope the “Happy Endings” technique is helping you in everyday conversation. Are you noticing a difference when you end your sentences up, even and down? Going down is not something you have to totally avoid, just be careful when you do it: Don’t go too low, make sure it’s breathy enough, and don’t do it at the end of every sentence…mix it up!

By the way, you can practice this one no matter how you are presenting. I teach this to both female and male public speakers and they all use it in their public appearances.

Here are some more phrases to work with. Practice them 3 times each: down, even and up.

1. The color that I most enjoy wearing is _______.
2. “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.”
-Emily Dickenson
3. “Sometimes it’s hard work to be an optimist but I believe it is worth it.”
-Lilly Wachowski, transgender film-maker
4. Today is a very special day.
5. Have a great weekend.
6. I saw an interesting movie last night.
7. I love the fact that my voice is becoming more feminine every day!

Okay, now speak off the cuff: Say everything you’ve done so far today, alternating with each sentence.
End the first sentence UP.
End the next sentence EVEN.
End the next sentence DOWN.
Keep repeating as you describe your day.

Keep going with other topics. Going up, even and down as it feels appropriate and natural.

Here are some tips for choosing which way to end your sentences:
*When you go up, it creates energy, excitement and suspense.
*When you end evenly, it signals that there’s more speaking to come.
*When you end down, it conveys certainty, authority or an ending to what you are saying.

As you get more comfortable, begin doing this in public.

"See" you soon! 



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