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You’ve been expanding your neural networks…getting more and more used to speaking to people around you and asking / answering questions in your female voice.

Here’s a list of common phrases that you may find yourself saying often, both to people you know and those you don’t. Since they are so common, people are finely tuned in to the way they sound, and they pick up on subtle variations. So, it’s a good idea to practice them ahead of time in privacy. This way when the time comes to say them to other people, and the stakes are higher, you’re already a pro!

Common phrases / questions you may use:
1. Thank you
2. How are you?
3. Excuse me
4. Is this seat taken?
5. I’ll have a _____
6. Where is _____?
7 Do you know ____?
8. That’s great
9. Have a nice day
10. A little bit
11. Not for long
12. My name is ____
13. That’s okay
14. Be careful
15. No worries
16. I’m getting bad reception
17. It’s so hot/cold outside
18. Can you hear me?
19. Nice to meet you
20. What are you up to?
21. It’s over there
22. Very good
23. Right here
24. See you later
25. That’s right

Common questions you might be asked:
1. Excuse me, is this seat taken? (In a public seating area)
2. Are you leaving? (In a parking lot)
3. Will that be cash or credit? (At a cash register)
4. How can I help you? (On the phone)
5. Hello, is this ______? (On the phone)
6. Where are you? (On the phone)
7. Did you get a hair cut?
8. You look different, did you do something?
9. Hi, ____. How are you?
10. It’s freezing / boiling outside, isn’t it?
11. How was your weekend?
12. Any exciting plans for the weekend?
13. Did you watch ____ last night?
14. Do you want to get something to eat?
15. Did you hear about _____? (Practice different answers: “No, what happened?”, “Yes, isn’t that crazy? What a shame!”, “Yes, that’s fantastic.” Etc.)

Of course there are many more phrases and questions you use and you hear. Keep adding to your list!

Good job – keep it up. Remember, persistence and follow through are your BEST friends in Voice Feminization. Keep going!

My warmest wishes to you,


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