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You know which cis women end a lot sentences low, without going too low? Newscasters, TV hosts and radio hosts. They are also great examples of going low sometimes, but not too often.

So turn on the TV – or better yet, do this online so you can rewind – and watch/listen to these cis women do their thing. Every major news show has women speakers. YouTube also has several clips of popular news and entertainment talk shows. If you’re not sure where to start, you can try Ellen DeGeneris or old episodes of Oprah. From there, YouTube will give you suggestions on the right side of the page, for similar clips with other hosts.

As you hear these women go down at the ends of their sentences, pause the recording and imitate them. See if you can match their speaking pattern and pitch. You may have to go breathier than they do at the drops, depending on how low the notes are.

Play with this and record yourself. This could be fun and it’s great to have role models.

Some Voice Club members have done this exercise using my voice in the class recordings as an example. This is fine, but I’d also like you to have a variety of women you can emulate.

Okay, if you’d like to start with doing some YouTube videos. Here’s the link to start searching for Ellen, then you can explore from there!:
Click Here

Enjoy spending time with these smart, strong, fantastic women – in other words, women just like you.

And please be on the lookout for the next lesson – it is a MAJOR one!

"See" you soon! 


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