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If you haven’t done so already, this is your all-important reminder:
As you practice reading out loud for extended periods of time and starting 2 Reset Techniques 5 minutes before your Dropping Point, please keep recording yourself.
Your stamina is increasing. Your Dropping Point is likely getting longer (delayed). It’s very helpful to track your progress and adjust the time you start your Reset Techniques.

You can practice and record by reading several news articles in a row (without pausing in between). You can read books out loud, there’s really no limit. Use material you enjoy, so the process is more fun!

Also: Keep developing your awareness of when you’re dropping. Listen for it and identify it when you record yourself, and compare that to what you hear on the actual playback. This way you can notice your Dropping Point when you’re with other people, and address it right away: After your voice has already dropped, be a little more breathy and send your voice up and forward. (Discreetly and subtly of course!)

Do this as much as you can until our next lesson (and beyond). Remember, this is a huge landmark for your voice – a very big deal.

Next lesson is another game-changer, so be on the lookout for your link!

"See" you soon! 


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