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Watch things that make you laugh. YouTube videos of cats, old reruns of your favorite sitcoms. Your favorite comedic movie…Watch anything and everything that makes you giggle!

Practice laughing in a way that you’re comfortable with, and which sounds feminine, from the upper part of your throat. Some falsetto notes are common and completely fine!

Experiment with different notes and different rhythms. Even though some laughter is involuntary, if you get this new laughing “style” into your muscle memory, it will influence all your laughter, even the sudden eruptions.

Do this when you’re alone and have a safe space to make mistakes without feeling self-conscious.

Record yourself as you laugh.
Record yourself as you cough.
And practice recovery, too.

Keep working with coughing and clearing your throat. Remember, some low sounds are unavoidable. What matters is how you react. If you freak out, it’s likely to show on your face, which draws more attention. So, simply “recover” with a higher sound.

"See" you soon! 


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