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Okay…We’ve done a lot of counting while switching from middle to upper middle, right?

Now we’re going to take it a step further by doing the same thing with text. Instead of me calling out the switches in the recording, I’ve included them in the text. And as the text progresses, the switches come more and more often. So get ready!

Remember, precision is key. Don’t rush. Make sure you really hit the middle and upper middle when you’re supposed to.

Take a break whenever you need to.

2 big yawns, 2 big sighs
Face massage
3-part speaking on ga-ga-ga-ga

Story by Grace Ann Stevens
Published by the New York Times

Middle: In 2001, I was 54. My 25-year marriage was over. My youngest turned 18. My family responsibilities had changed now and the volume of all my inner voices grew louder, not softer. Upper middle: It now wasn’t easy to deny the truth inside of me. Busy tending to the needs of others I could deny my own needs – my own sense of who I truly was.

Middle: One year later, I lost my job in the tech industry and my inner voices grew louder still. I feared I was too old to get hired ever again. I sat alone in my apartment every day, dressed in women’s clothes, in various stages of denial and hopelessness. Upper middle: No other soul knew my “secret.”

I found a tech job in 2004, but told myself survival meant reinventing myself with independent and portable skills. Middle: At age 58 I returned to school to pursue a Master’s degree in counseling, partly to figure myself out, but not completely sure this was something I could do. Upper middle: Three years into the program I shared with classmates that I was transgender. A year later I received my degree. Now, dual-careered I devoted my days to tech and evenings to my counseling job.

Middle: Change brought confidence. I found community and ventured out as Grace – my true self, but didn’t not know if I would transition then. Upper middle: In the clinic, I worked with substance abusers and taught about denial, but would go home and cry myself to sleep knowing I was living a lie of my own. Middle: By January 2010 I was taking hormones, but still was not certain I would transition. Upper middle: By the end of that year I had clarity and in April 2011 successfully transitioned my gender Middle: while working in 2 very different workplaces.

Upper middle: The inner voices quieted down, at long last. Middle: They no longer had to deny, protect, and help me avoid my truth. Upper middle: Now I smiled. People told me I looked so much happier. Middle: They were right because I was.

Upper middle: My engineer knows the lessons learned Middle: and so does the counselor. Upper middle:The moral of my story is to be true to oneself, Middle: affirmed by my children Upper middle: who say I’ve inspired them not to wait so long. Middle: to live their authentic life. Upper middle: That makes me smile – inside and out.

Cool down: 2 big yawns, 2 big sighs, face massage, drink some room temperature water

After you’ve worked with this text, find other reading material and practice with that. Start out by switching every 2-3 sentences, then every other sentence, then twice in each sentence. Mark the text, just like I did, above.

In the next lesson, we’ll be mixing it up a bit..the keyword is fun. 

"See" you soon!



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